General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Delivery and Payment of Alcodis Bebidas y Licores S.L (Private Limited Liability Company), established in Valencia, Spain and of its associated companies.



Article 1 – definitions



Article 2 – offer


Any offer made by the Company shall be without prejudice and subject to contract; this shall also apply in the event that said offer includes a period for acceptance, unless explicitly provided for to the contrary in writing.


Article 3 – agreement



Article 4 – notices, information and statements


Notices, information, statements and samples made or supplied by the Company, in whatever form or nature, shall only be indicative and shall never bind the Company, unless the agree- ment explicitly provides for the contrary.


Article 5 – confidentiality


The Customer shall observe confidentiality towards any third party in the broadest sense of the word regarding any and all business information relating to the Company, which has been brought or come to his knowledge by the Company and/or within the framework of the offer or the agreement.


Article 6 – prices



Article 7 – delivery – delivery period – delivery time



Article 8 – transportation



Article 9 – packaging


The Company shall have the right – at its option – to take back or not take back packaging for repeated use.


Article 10 – risk and transfer of property



Article 11 – payment


In the event that the Customer alledges to have a claim on the Company with regard to the performance of the agreement, he will not be discharged from his obligation to pay in the manner agreed.

The Company shall be entitled to suspend the fulfilment of its obligations until the Customer has given said security.


costs in advance at 15 per cent of the principal sum due, without prejudice to the right of the Company to compensation of the actual costs should these be higher.


Article 12 – return shipments


It shall not be permitted to return any goods delivered by the Company without the Company’s prior written consent. Should any return shipments take place, then this shall at all times be done at the expense and risk of the sender.


Article 13 – samples


The Customer shall be entitled to ask the Company to put (a) sample(s) of the goods at his disposal before delivery. If the Customer refrains from doing so, he shall  be considered to agree to the quality and condition of the goods beforehand.


Article 14 – complaints and guarantees



Article 15 – liability



described in the agreement, in particular the obligations described in the previous article.


Article 16 – force majeure



Article 17 – (threatening) failure


In the cases provided for by the Law, as well as in the event that the Customer does not, not in time or not sufficiently, fulfil one or more obligations arising for him from the agreement, including the provisions in these General Terms and Conditions, or in the event that there is serious doubt as to the Customer being able to fulfil his contractual obligations towards the Company, as well as in the event of bankruptcy, suspension of payments, complete or partial stoppage of work, liquidation, transfer or encumbrance of the Customer’s business, including  the transfer or pledging of an important part of his accounts receivable and furthermore in the event that any goods of the Customer are attached before judgement or in execution, the Company shall have the right, without notice of default or judicial intervention, either to suspend the execution of the agreement for a maximum of three (3) months, or to partially or wholly dissolve the agreement, such without being liable to any compensation or guarantee, and without prejudice to any of its other rights.


Article 18 – suspension + dissolution – consequences


In the event of partial dissolution the Customer shall furthermore be obliged, after the payment of the amount due pursuant to the previous sentence, to take possession of the goods covered by that payment, failing which the Company shall have the right to have these goods stored at the risk and expense of the Customer, or to have them sold at his expense.


Article 19 – general



Article 20 – disputes and applicable law


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